Medical Qigong Therapy & Qigong Classes

Deep Connections Medical Qigong Therapy
and Chinese Medicine

Kate Kellman, MMQ, is a Master of Medical Qigong and offers sessions to re-balance the energetic matrix by employing ancient techniques taught through the oral tradition of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Through a series of questions targeted to discover imbalances in organs and meridian systems throughout the body and energetic work on a massage table (fully clothed), Kate helps clients get to the root of their issues, as well as alleviating symptoms.  It is a cooperative effort between therapist and client to enable better Qi/ blood flow throughout the body to promote self-healing.  Medical Qigong Therapy can be used for prevention and self-health to promote better Qi flow, boost the immune system, enhance energy levels, decrease stress and increase calm and tranquility.  It is also an alternative medical practice that addresses most pathologies by energetically removing blockages, tonifying organs, meridians and channels and regulating Qi flow.  Qigong, dietary, and breathing “prescriptions” are generally given to self-empower clients who take an active role in their own healing process.

Kate trained with Robert Peng, world-renowned Qigong Healer and Master, as well as Dr. Ted J. Cibik, Daoist Priest, Doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ), Chinese Physician (Zhong Yi) and Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.).  Dr Cibik is a senior student of Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, a Daoist Master from the 88th generation of the Jade Purity Sect and Complete Reality Dragon Gate School, which is now Kate’s lineage as well.  She is a member of the National Qigong Association (NQA) in good standing.  Currently, she also teaches classes (locally and at The Garden) in the Daoist Five Qigong Set.  An upcoming class is scheduled to begin at The Garden soon!  Space is limited so please email or call Kate for more information and to register.

For more information, please visit Kate’s website at:
Call or text (518) 775-7798, or email her at: to schedule an appointment or register for a Qigong class at The Garden.


Medical Qigong Therapy Sessions:

“I was very impressed by Kate’s attention to detail at her intake process. I felt like she really gets down to the core of what might be the origin of imbalance. When I saw Kate, I explained that I have Vitiligo, a condition of losing pigment of the skin. I had a session every other week, and a month after, I started seeing signs of representation in my skin. I am both thrilled and hopeful for the first time! Her energy is beautiful and I love her attitude. Her passion for Qigong energy healing is as big as the joy with which she practices. She is the only one to help me bring some pigment back to my skin. I am so grateful!”  –Alexandra Desachy, Saratoga Springs, NY

“Thanks so much Kate! I could not have done it without you. Making me believe in myself was the key to my success through you.”
  –Cindy W., Rotterdam, NY

Kate is a gifted Medical Qigong practitioner. Her professional yet relaxed demeanor immediately makes you feel at ease. She explains concepts in a simple yet thorough manner. Following an interview, education and guided exercise component, we had a session on the massage table in which I had an increased awareness of my third eye opening and a surge of energy and light. It was relaxing and healing. I would recommend Kate without hesitation.”  –Sharon Wheeler, E. Greenbush, NY

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Kate Kellman to assist you on your healing journey. Kate solved my chronic tinnitus that baffled my ENT specialist for over a year. Through her energy re-balancing, I was able to finally hear silence again, a priceless sound, believe me! She works with your energetic fields to inspire your body to reset peacefully. The long-term effects of her healing work will deeply enrich your life. She is a natural-born healer who I trust, highly respect and definitely recommend.”  –Amy Lolic, Colonie, NY

Daoist Five Qigong Set Classes:

“There’s a lot less things flying around the house!  Thanks, Sifu, for bringing in the Qigong lady.  I really love the class.” (16-year-old student at Eight Star Martial Arts/Red Dragon Karate School )

“I was able to stay much more calm and centered when I had to mediate a dispute between two parents.”

“The Lung Qigong really helps with my asthma.”

“I feel more grounded and less stressed in my job.”

“I have MS and feel better for days after a class with Kate.”

“I keep imagining my lymph glands are draining during the purgations.  I really feel this class is helping my Lymphoma.”

“My shoulder pain is much better now and the pain with my Fibromyalgia isn’t nearly as bad.”