Intuit Myofascial Release

Intuit Myofascial Release

Sandra Kahlon, OTR/L is an Expert Level John F. Barnes Myofascial Release practitioner and has over 300 hours in training with John Barnes and his instructors. Sandra also incorporates crainiosacral release, subtle energy body healing, and Reiki into her treatments.  Sandra has been practicing in the field of Occupational Therapy for over 20 years and recently received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification.  Her passion is helping others find joy being back in their bodies again.

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The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release approach uses the application of prolonged sustained holds and stretches to gently release myofascial restriction in the body.  Clients are assessed through a postural and tissue evaluation and treated as a whole, interconnected unit versus assessing a specific joint or body part.  The source of the pain, dysfunction, or limitation is located and released.  Most traditional medical settings only treat symptoms; by getting to the source of the pain and releasing it, Myofascial Release allows authentic healing to take place.

Myofascial Release is highly effective in the treatment of the following:

-Back Pain
-Neck Pain
-Chronic Pain   
-Arthritic Pain
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Head Trauma
-Sports Injuries
-TMJ Dysfunction
-Mastectomy Pain
-Menstrual Pain
-Various Women’s Health issues
-Lyme Disease Pain