Energy Medicine and Biofield Tuning


Ellen O’Connell graduated from Donna Eden‘s 2-year Energy Medicine Certification Program in 2011.  She has supplemental training in the use of Bach Flower Essences and in using vocalized sound to heal (as taught by Johnathan Goldman).

In December of 2016, Ellen added the credential of Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner.  This is an exciting new modality taught by Eileen McKusick in which tuning forks are used to entrain the biofield/aura back into coherence.

Basically, any disturbance your body/mind presents with is sourced in your energy field and can be changed using techniques such as these to help your energies come back into balance.

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Eden Energy Medicine:

“The spleen ultrasound came back fine.  The exercises you showed me really helped. I find that if I do them daily, I am pain free and quite comfortable.”   C.E.

“I’ve been reveling in how much better my chronic issues have been!”  K.B.

“I can breathe normally.  I never breathe normally.”  D.K.

“I felt revitalized.  That morning I could barely walk.  I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the hour at my son’s school.  When I sat up after the treatment, I was better!”  M.S.

“Her lungs are much clearer, she didn’t cough and had a great night’s sleep…She feels and sounds great.”  B.T.

“After my session I was wiped out.  But the next morning my joint pain was gone!  I haven’t felt that good in about 10 years!”  A.G.

‘I always feel so much better after this.”  A.M.C.

“Ellen taught me a way to calm my son’s seizures without drugs.  If that wasn’t enough, she then took care of me, a very shaken mom. She is a gifted healer and a phenomenal teacher.” C.M.

Biofield Tuning:

“I feel like the weight of the world isn’t so heavy on my shoulders now.  I can breathe easier.”

“This work takes away the things you don’t need and gives you the strength to face what’s coming.”

“I feel like I’ve been levitated.”

“I feel lighter, cleaner, clearer.”

“How can you let go of the anger when you’ve built it into yourself?  It’s part of who you are. You think, ‘If I let it go, what’s left?’.   This lets it go.”

“I feel relaxed, soft…both are unusual for me.”